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At Sarphati Media Producties, passion for creating fascinating programs and telling visual stories is the focal point. We focus on different genres and different target groups.

We enjoy producing programs for public and commercial broadcasters and the well-known streaming services. We do this mainly for the Netherlands, but also abroad.


From development to delivery, Sarphati Media Productions is known as a high-quality company that hosts many independent makers with their projects. We develop and produce a varied range of documentaries and television series where we always look for passionate and inspiring ways to highlight relevant topics.

Whether it concerns true crime or history; cultural or human interest series; We like to let the viewer think along and hope to provide new insights to the viewer by creating socially relevant programs.

To connect with our productions, we also think in terms such as multi- and cross-media. And we do this from the idea of ​​reaching, inspiring and informing the largest possible audience.


Key values ​​are therefore: stimulating, impactful and curious.


Erica Reijmerink



Harold Lamme

Executive Producer

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